Origami Owl Introduces In{script}ions !

Origami Owl introduces In{Script}ions!
Not only are we bringing Origami Owl to Canada but we’re so excited to tell you about our new Inscriptions™ Collection that will now give you the amazing ability to tell your stories in your own words—to write your scripts—by customizing select pieces of Origami Owl jewelry. You can keep his initials close to your heart, bring a childhood nickname back to life, honor a beloved pet or mark the day that changed your life! Here’s a sneak peek of this inspiring new collection. The Inscriptions™ Collection will be available starting February 17th so even our Canadian customers will be able to get in on the new items! Send us an email today to ask for the new Origami Owl supplement that will tell you all about the Inscriptions™ Collection.
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Book your very own Jewelry Bar NOW!

Book your Jewelry Bar today!


#1. I want you to get your Origami Owl Jewelry for FREE. For a little as 3 small orders and a minimum of $125, you earn FREE jewelry. You simply sharing the love definitely has great rewards. This is something people already want, you just have to say yes to the time and place!

For more detailed details on the perks of hosting:

>> Click me for the Hostess Rewards Chart <<<

#2. I want you to be the FIRST, strolling around with jewelry just for you, our beloved Hostess.

#3. It is so STINKIN’ CUTE! Not only for you but for all of your girlfriends.  See what they can have their hands on at a Jewelry Bar with us!  We will have many of these Valentines pieces available for ooohing and ahhhing soon!

There you have it – 3 reasons to book an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar with us today!




Canada Here we Come!!!

If you are in Canada, you will be able to join Origami Owl on February 3rd at 8:00 PM EST. At that time, you will be able to purchase a kit. When prompted for a mentor ID number, enter in 6001, which is my mentor ID number.
By entering in 6001 as the mentor ID number, you will be selecting me to be your mentor. As a Leading Designer at Origami Owl, I will be able to give you the support that you need to achieve your goals with Origami Owl, no matter what those goals may be.
If you just want to make some extra income, I can show you the best way to do that as well. I have systems in place to help you achieve your goals. If you’re on facebook, I have a team group page where team members can share information with each other.
I am so excited that we are finally going to open up Canada. It will have been well worth the wait, I can promise you that! Once you have signed up, you will be able to sign up people under you by having them use your ID number that the system will assign you.
The first 750 Canadians to sign up and purchase a Business Package in Canada will also receive an additional promotional product pack with a retail value of approximately $200 USD ($235 Canadian dollars). If you’d like to be contacted personally with the link to join when it is available, send me a message at 2NiteOwls@gmail.com.
Origami Owl is just getting started globally. Come along for the ride! It is going to be INCREDIBLE!

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What to get that girl who has everything???

If you are stumped as to what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day and have little time to spend picking out a gift, let me help!!
Sometimes the girl who has everything just needs a little nudge in the right direction, why not direct her to a custom locket???
An Origami Owl™ Living Locket can be customized to her unique look! Not sure what that is? Why not give her a GIFT CERTIFICATE? Gift certificates are available from your favorite designer in ANY denomination! Contact me and I will get you one RIGHT AWAY!!
Vikki Lorelli
Independent Designer #6001

I Need a Man!!!

I NEED A MAN!! That’s right, you heard me! I need a man… I need a man to host a Valentine Origami Owl Locket party for his male friends! We can do it on a Sunday during game time! You supply the beer, I’ll bring the bling! Its a PERFECT way to earn FREE Jewelry for the one you love JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! Just remember- Roses and chocolates are beautiful but Origami Owl Heart Lockets last FOREVER!! Call me for more information! 480-206-7516
2NiteOwls@gmail.com or http://vikki.origamiowl.com
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Here’s your Valentine’s Day Wishlist, all you have to do is print it out!

Tomorrow, our New Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentine’s Day line including our new Pavé Crystal Heart Lockets will be available at 12 noon EST. Just click the links below and Print out your handy Wishlist! Make it easy for him! Where do you plan to put your Wishlist?…tucked in his morning paper?…in his briefcase?…under his pillow?…taped to the bathroom mirror?…the possibilities are endless!!


Valentine’s Day Wish List (JPG)
Valentine’s Day Wish List (PDF)

Valentine’s Day already?!?!

Are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day?? I know Christmas is JUST winding down but you have GOT to see whats in store for Valentine’s Day! These LIMITED EDITION ITEMS are being released TOMORROW. at (12 EST) I will be placing my order after 10 am AZ time tomorrow, if you want something, let me know!!! Charms and plates are limited edition…. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!!!! Call me (480) 206-7516 or shop direct from my site http://vikki.OrigamiOwl.com


Have you seen the detail on our Link Locket™ Bracelets??

Our Link Locket ™ Bracelets are one of a kind only from Origami Owl. Our Patented Lockets do not use our signature strong magnetic clasp but a screw top to keep your charms and plates secure! The Link Locket™ Bracelet uses an interchangeable chain that comes in 7 and 8 inch sizes. Get you Link Locket™ Origami Owl Bracelt today in either silver or gold! Email me at 2NiteOwls@Gmail.com for more information anytime!

How do I make money as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl??

The Origami Owl Compensation plan is amazing but sometimes these plans can get confusing. We are often asked, “How do I make money?” let us break it down for you…


Talk! Talk! Talk! Talking to everyone about the new business you are starting will set up the game plan for you to immediately start making money.  Once you sign up and are official, you will wait for your kit and then once it arrives, you can begin making money that day selling these beautiful pieces of jewelry. You will earn 50% profit when you sell charms, plates, and dangles. When you sell lockets, chains and tags, you will receive 30%. One of the great things about Origami Owl is you will be paid on what you sell every WEEK!!! You can choose either direct deposit or paid by check but every week based on what you sell you will have your pay.  So if someone orders from your website or if you have someone come to you who wants to purchase an item with their credit card, you will be paid the week after the sales close. If you choose to have a check made out, there will be a $5 fee. If you choose direct deposit, you will just have to give Origami Owl your account information. Easy As Pie!

The second way designers make money is when they choose to purchase inventory through our wholesale area in the back office. You keep the inventory on hand and the customer makes the purchase through you at retail. You can either sell to your customer from the inventory you have in stock or you would put the order in through the whole sale area. The difference between the wholesale purchase from you and the retail purchase from them would be your commission that you would be able to keep right then. Customers can choose to give you cash, write a check out to you or you can sign up for a 3rd party credit card vendor such as PayAnywhere or Paypal. When you run a credit card, the funds would be sent directly to your business checking account.

The 3rd way to earn commission is to build a team. Continuously share this amazing opportunity with people, train them to do what you do and you will be paid on your downline. Sharing the opportunity is one of my favorite things about Origami Owl and about Direct Sales. How this business can change so many lives is inspiring. Listed in the compensation plan above is all of the titles and what a designer needs to get to each level. Each rank is based on a designers PV, how many people on their team, their rank and how much the team does in sales.

You and your team would need to meet the criteria of each rank each month in order to be paid on that particular rank. Commissions that are earned based on your team are paid on the 10th of every month of the following month. Building a team and inspiring people to build a business is a great way to earn a large paycheck and live your dreams. How much fun is this? Share an amazing product and help people live their dreams. I love it. Sounds amazing, right? Contact us today. Don’t wait!! Join our team now!

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