Canada Here we Come!!!

If you are in Canada, you will be able to join Origami Owl on February 3rd at 8:00 PM EST. At that time, you will be able to purchase a kit. When prompted for a mentor ID number, enter in 6001, which is my mentor ID number.
By entering in 6001 as the mentor ID number, you will be selecting me to be your mentor. As a Leading Designer at Origami Owl, I will be able to give you the support that you need to achieve your goals with Origami Owl, no matter what those goals may be.
If you just want to make some extra income, I can show you the best way to do that as well. I have systems in place to help you achieve your goals. If you’re on facebook, I have a team group page where team members can share information with each other.
I am so excited that we are finally going to open up Canada. It will have been well worth the wait, I can promise you that! Once you have signed up, you will be able to sign up people under you by having them use your ID number that the system will assign you.
The first 750 Canadians to sign up and purchase a Business Package in Canada will also receive an additional promotional product pack with a retail value of approximately $200 USD ($235 Canadian dollars). If you’d like to be contacted personally with the link to join when it is available, send me a message at
Origami Owl is just getting started globally. Come along for the ride! It is going to be INCREDIBLE!

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I Need a Man!!!

I NEED A MAN!! That’s right, you heard me! I need a man… I need a man to host a Valentine Origami Owl Locket party for his male friends! We can do it on a Sunday during game time! You supply the beer, I’ll bring the bling! Its a PERFECT way to earn FREE Jewelry for the one you love JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! Just remember- Roses and chocolates are beautiful but Origami Owl Heart Lockets last FOREVER!! Call me for more information! 480-206-7516 or
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Valentine’s Day already?!?!

Are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day?? I know Christmas is JUST winding down but you have GOT to see whats in store for Valentine’s Day! These LIMITED EDITION ITEMS are being released TOMORROW. at (12 EST) I will be placing my order after 10 am AZ time tomorrow, if you want something, let me know!!! Charms and plates are limited edition…. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!!!! Call me (480) 206-7516 or shop direct from my site


How do I make money as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl??

The Origami Owl Compensation plan is amazing but sometimes these plans can get confusing. We are often asked, “How do I make money?” let us break it down for you…


Talk! Talk! Talk! Talking to everyone about the new business you are starting will set up the game plan for you to immediately start making money.  Once you sign up and are official, you will wait for your kit and then once it arrives, you can begin making money that day selling these beautiful pieces of jewelry. You will earn 50% profit when you sell charms, plates, and dangles. When you sell lockets, chains and tags, you will receive 30%. One of the great things about Origami Owl is you will be paid on what you sell every WEEK!!! You can choose either direct deposit or paid by check but every week based on what you sell you will have your pay.  So if someone orders from your website or if you have someone come to you who wants to purchase an item with their credit card, you will be paid the week after the sales close. If you choose to have a check made out, there will be a $5 fee. If you choose direct deposit, you will just have to give Origami Owl your account information. Easy As Pie!

The second way designers make money is when they choose to purchase inventory through our wholesale area in the back office. You keep the inventory on hand and the customer makes the purchase through you at retail. You can either sell to your customer from the inventory you have in stock or you would put the order in through the whole sale area. The difference between the wholesale purchase from you and the retail purchase from them would be your commission that you would be able to keep right then. Customers can choose to give you cash, write a check out to you or you can sign up for a 3rd party credit card vendor such as PayAnywhere or Paypal. When you run a credit card, the funds would be sent directly to your business checking account.

The 3rd way to earn commission is to build a team. Continuously share this amazing opportunity with people, train them to do what you do and you will be paid on your downline. Sharing the opportunity is one of my favorite things about Origami Owl and about Direct Sales. How this business can change so many lives is inspiring. Listed in the compensation plan above is all of the titles and what a designer needs to get to each level. Each rank is based on a designers PV, how many people on their team, their rank and how much the team does in sales.

You and your team would need to meet the criteria of each rank each month in order to be paid on that particular rank. Commissions that are earned based on your team are paid on the 10th of every month of the following month. Building a team and inspiring people to build a business is a great way to earn a large paycheck and live your dreams. How much fun is this? Share an amazing product and help people live their dreams. I love it. Sounds amazing, right? Contact us today. Don’t wait!! Join our team now!


Join Our Team ! No More Waitlist!!!

Join Our Team TODAY and be PERSONALLY Mentored by Brooke and I! Be a part of a wonderful growing team! We have an AMAZING upline and have long been one of the most prolific teams since Origami Owl’s humble beginnings! Click here and enter 6001 as your mentor ID and you are ready! Join Us today, your future awaits!


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The Band Perry and Origami Owl!


The Band Perry is teaming up with Origami Owl!
On the heels of a successful promotion with Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry has decided to team up with Origami Owl to offer their fans a LIMITED EDITION TAG along with a download of their new single “Pioneer!”

From our Press release:
Origami Owl®, a social selling brand best known for its unique line of customizable jewelry and flagship line Living Lockets®, is partnering with The Band Perry to celebrate the bold and brave pioneers of the future who serve to be a force for good in the world. In an effort to encourage the exploration of dreams and the carving of one’s own path in life, Origami Owl has designed a limited-edition Pioneer Tag in silver and gold for Origami Owl’s TAGGED™ collection, which will be available for pre-order from Sept. 3-30, 2013.
As part of the partnership, radio stations in cities across America will invite listeners to call in to share their stories about embracing the unknown and being a pioneer for the future. The Band Perry, who are embarking on their first headlining world tour, the WE ARE PIONEERS WORLD TOUR, will make time for a private concert in Lubbock, Texas for 20 contest winners with a private show, featuring the country trio’s hit song “Pioneer.” So be sure to listen and enter for your chance to win.

“Much like The Band Perry’s Pioneer album encourages people to take chances and pave their own way, Origami Owl is changing lives every day by empowering women to start their own business and pioneer their own future,” said Darleen Santore, Chief Performance Officer, Origami Owl. “We hope that this synergy inspires our Designers, customers and others to take a leap of faith and be bold.”

From Sept. 3 to Sept. 30, 2013, Origami Owl will offer a limited-edition Pioneer Tag through its TAGGED™ collection. Customers can purchase the Pioneer Tag on its own or together with a digital download of The Band Perry’s hit single Pioneer, or the album download of the same name.
For more information don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 480-206-7516

Order yours today from


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Awareness Jewelry

Awareness jewelry designs are meaningful and help to show support for those of us whose lives have been affected. Help us make a difference by creating a beautiful Living Locket™ in honor of those very special people in our lives. Whether it be a deployed soldier or a breast cancer survivor, this is the section to be inspired by. We carry many different awareness items for many different causes. I wanted to share with you a Locket that was made in honor of Pancreatic Cancer. This dreaded disease has taken more than one important person in my life from me, so I can relate. I would wear a locket just like this in honor of my Godfather who passed away from this diseases many years before his time. In the meantime, we honor his memory and many others by supporting various awareness groups and never giving up on a cure. This locket can also represent someone with Crohn’s or Chairi Malformation. The color purple symbolizes many things…just see the partial list below. Why not honor someone you love with a beautiful Living Locket, just like this one, today?

Alzheimer’s disease
Anti-Gay Bullying
Chiari Malformation
Victims of 9/11
Child Abuse
Crohn’s Disease
Animal abuse
Cystic Fibrosis
Domestic violence
Eating Disorder Awareness
Father’s Rights and Parental Rights
Gastrointestinal cancer
Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Huntington’s disease
Macular degeneration
Overdose Prevention
Pancreatic cancer
Hemiplegia Hemiparesis or Pediatric Stroke
Pulmonary hypertension
Religious tolerance
Rett Syndrome Suicide Prevention
Thyroid cancer
Ulcerative Colitis
Wildland Firefighters
Xenophobia and Homophobia (Austria 2009)

Oh and How could I forget! Would YOU Like to be a Locket Ambassador???

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How could I forget!!
We are launching a NEW PROGRAM in March so be on the lookout for an opportunity of a LIFETIME!

Locket Ambassador Program
Looking for Locket Ambassador!! Are you interested? Here’s what I’d need you to do:

1. Wear the locket every chance you get.
2. Hand out my catalog/business cards to interested people.
3. Refer friends/family to me for orders and new designers.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Free locket and chain. (I ask that you purchase the charms you’d like)
2. 10% discount on your purchases for the next 6 months.
3. Free charm for every person referred to me as either a new customer or new designer.
4. Personal Party Code for your friends and family to use when shopping so you can earn your free items.

We will be accepting applications for a Locket Ambassador in Mid March so be on the lookout for that information!
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Earn some FREE Jewelry! Contest Starts NOW!

We have gotten lots of emails and orders so we know first hand you all love our Living Lockets…so help US help YOU! We will give a FREE customized locket for the ONE person that can share our Facebook page and refer the most friends!! All you have to do is make sure that whoever you have share or likes our Facebook page leaves a message on our timeline! All they have to say is “So and So sent me”! Make sure they credit YOU for the referral and get your name put into the pool! The more friends you refer, the more entries you have in the drawing~Now go! Can’t wait to give away a customized Living Locket!!
(Offer includes Locket of Choice, a standard matching ball chain and choice of 5 charms!)
Have a BLAST and Get FREE Jewelry!!
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